Initial Consultation

$97 / 1 HR


We figure out your needs. Many times enterpreneurs come to me for one problem but there is something else that is the underlieing problem. Let's establish that first.

Fast Action Consult

$497 / 1 HR


Need help flushing out an offer, creating your funnel, or laying your social media and marketing strategy out?  Let's get on a call and get one of these flushed out this week. 

Client Relations & Retention

$497 / 1 HR


We walk through how to obtain, maintain, and retain your clients. We'll review your onboarding and offboarding process.

Brilliance - Brain Dump - Bank

$497 / 1 HR


Strategy Session to get from your brilliance to brain dump to making bank.

Systems Audit for Maximum Performance

$997 /2 HR


Consultation, Client Relations and Referral to Strategic Partner/Tool

Visible VIP Day

$3000 / 6 HR


A comprehensive VIP Day to help you get clear on your avatar, branding, bio optimization, content, and community. We get your first launch mapped out.


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